Kataba Sashimi 210mm

Product code - KA210

This carbon steel, single bevelled knife is the traditional sashimi knife.

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An exclusive range of extremely high quality, traditional, carbon steel, Japanese knives. A traditional sashimi knife and deba bocho. The blade is constructed of seven layers of steel with a cutting edge of Hatachi Blue steel. Each knife has a magnolia wood handle with a stag horn ferrule. Both of these knives are single bevelled. Please note that these knives are only suitable for right handed customers. Made in Miki. This carbon steel, single bevelled knife is the traditional sashimi knife. PLEASE NOTE Carbon steel is the material that all knives were originally made from. The reason that it was used is that it is easy to sharpen and achieves a very sharp edge. In recent years knives have mainly been made out of a single piece of stainless steel. This method of production is not the best way to make a knife but manufacturers favour this material as it is a simple construction and makes a shiny knife. Carbon steel knives will oxidise and discolour. This is not a fault, it is a nature of the material. Carbon steel knives can be sharpened to a razor edge. They must be dried after use and periodically they will need cleaning with lemon juice and a light scouring pad. Traditionally they are treated after use with camellia oil which inhibits the oxidation process. If the fact that carbon steel requires a little bit more maintenance is of concern then a laminated or folded steel knife should be considered.

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