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About Kin Knives

In 1994 Tony Murland visited Japan to source quality Japanese woodworking tools, on the trip he saw some amazing kitchen knives that he had no idea existed. Beautifully balanced knives with layered steel blades, elegant handles with a handmade construction. Having a healthy interest in cooking, Tony brought some of these knives back to the UK and the rest is history. Since then Tony and his daughters, Harriet and Rebecca, have built Kin Knives into one of the most famous brands of Kitchen Knives, associated with quality and individualism. The Kin Knives range is a collection of products from small manufacturers and in some cases individual crafts men who in return for being included within the Kin brand have offered Kin Knives exclusivity of their product.

Who we are

Tony Murland

Tony Murland



In 1994 Tony first visited Japan to source and import a range of high quality hand woodworking tools. Whilst in Japan his culinary interests led him to buy various knives from small, exclusive manufacturers. He returned home to find he had bought over 300 knives! A stand at the BBC Good Food Show was immediately booked and thus Kin was born!


Sadly Tony passed away in April 2020 after a short battle with Motor Neurone Disease. We now donate 1% of all sales to the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation to help those with MND and for further research to find for a cure. 

Harriet Murland

Harriet Hayward-Reeve

Managing Director

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In 2006 Harriet joined Tony with the day-to-day running of Kin Knives. After leaving school Harriet was not sure what to do and when her father Tony suggested she had a go at running Kin Knives she jumped at the chance. She had always been interested in good food so working with some of Britain’s top chefs seemed like an exciting career. At this point Kin Knives was a very small business (exhibiting at 2 shows a year) and her main aim was to get known within the public and chef world! During her first year Harriet attended 32 exhibitions and small food events! Over the years Harriet, her father and sister have seen Kin knives grow into the successful company it is today.